Series of matte paint shots I diD for sci-fi student movie Za hranice / Beyond the Borders. CASE STUDIES OF INDIVIDUAL SHOTS WILL BE LISTED IN MATTE PAINTING SECTION SOON.
"...Marta is checking the time on her watch, which shows five minutes past half-past eleven. She picks up the pace. She and Mirek hurry down the street, with the magnificent skyscrapers shining above them."
"...Red flags with the emblem of the totalitarian party hang from the buildings, and there are propaganda billboards around."
"...Barbed wires peek through the branches above the fence."
"...A train is standing on the tracks in front of the building. Juraj and his colleagues are loading boxes into an open wagon. They are being watched by CCTV cameras."
"...A neo-communist city. A red flag with LEV-0 logo is waving from the gray concrete building."
"...Marta weakly smiles and walks with Mirek down the old gray street towards the car."
Directed by: Dominik Zbořil
DOP: Adam Roul
Producer: Tomas Bata University in Zlín

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