VFX for Czech short movie Ostrov svobody, starring Jiří Mádl and Judit Bárdos. 

My main task was to transform the Kunovice airport (film set) into Prague's Ruzyně Airport from 1983. This involved modifying the airplane strips to match historical accuracy. Additionally, it was necessary to adjust the window views to create the illusion of the airplane flying.
film trailer
"...All board 62 Czechoslovak Airlines at Ilujšin."
"...Jindřich lowers his head and enters the airplane. Jindřich briefly pats the pockets of his waistcoat, takes out his passport and boarding pass, and hands it to the flight attendant."
"...The cabins are filled with the noise of the engines. The airplane accelerates quickly. The women sitting next to Eva hold hands and experience the excitement of the takeoff, while Eva chuckles at the whole scene. Jindřich calmly but fascinatedly observes the lights on the runway swiftly passing by as the speed increases. The shaking and noise inside the aircraft intensify. Suddenly, however, both subside as the airplane loses contact with the ground."
"...Eva skeptically ponders for a moment. Then she leans over Jindřich to look out of the window. Below, she sees a layer of white clouds, but through a few sparser "holes" in the clouds, the snowy land is visible. With her gaze still fixed downwards, Eva speaks."
"...Jindřich turns towards the window and looks outside. Suddenly, from the dense clouds, endless forests, lakes, and mountains of the nature reserve in Quebec emerge - the largest piece of nature Jindřich has ever seen. He swallows hard and continues to eagerly observe the passing landscape."
VFX breakdown
Directed by: Petr Janushka
DOP: Filip Blažek
Producer: Tomas Bata University in Zlín

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